Battlefield V: Year 2-Edition samt Kapitel 5: War in The Pacific/Krieg im Pazifik veröffentlicht Heropic

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Battlefield V: Year 2-Edition samt Kapitel 5: War in The Pacific/Krieg im Pazifik veröffentlicht


Ab sofort verfügbar ...

Wie angekündigt (Wir berichteten), hat EA und das Entwicklerstudio DICE jetzt das fünfte Kapitel mit der Bezeichnung "War in The Pacific/Krieg im Pazifik" für Battlefield V via Update veröffentlicht.
Das Kapitel umfasst zwei neue Maps "Pacific Storm" und "Iwo Jima", diverse neue Waffen, Automobile und Belohnungen und mit USA und Japan zwei neue Fraktionen im Game. Weitere Einzelheiten lassen sich auf der offiziellen Webseite einsehen: Klick mich!.
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Neueinsteiger können außerdem auf die sogenannte Battlefield V: Year 2-Edition zugreifen, die sämtliche Updates und bisher veröffentlichte Kapitel beinhaltet. Zudem erwarten euch etliche Bugfixes und Verbesserungen: Das Update mit der Versionsnummer 5.0 ist ab sofort verfügbar und ist je nach gewählter Plattform 12 bis 17 GB groß. Der vollständige Changelog sieht wie gefolgt aus:

War in The Pacific - Starting October 31

  • Two New Maps - Pacific Storm and Iwo Jima.
  • Four New Weapons at launch - M1 Garand, Type 99 Arisaka, Type 100, and the M1919A6. 
  • Deploying across the Tides of War, you’ll get your hands on the M3 Grease Gun, Nambu Type 2A, Type 97 LMG, and M1918 A2. 
  • As Chapter Rewards, the Jungle Carbine and the Type 94 and Model 27 sidearms are also available for you to earn and unlock during War in The Pacific
  • New Factions: US and Japan.
  • New Battle Pickups: Katana and M2 Flamethrower.
  • New Vehicles: M4 Sherman tank, Type 97, the LVT and the Ka-Mi Light Amphibious Tanks, the Dinghy, LCPV, MB Jeep and Type 95 transport vehicle.
  • New Planes - the F4U Corsair (Fighter and Bomber variants), and the Japaneze Zero (fighter and bomber variants).
  • New Reinforcements - New Rocket Barrage Tanks - The Sherman Calliope, and the Chi-Ha.

What’s Changed?


  • Players are now able to inspect their primary and secondary weapons directly while playing. Simply hold down the commorose button, and press the reload button to take a look.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the smoke grenade’s visual effect to flicker.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to sometimes use their primary weapons as syringes during the revive animation.
  • RSC - Fixed an issue that would result in a visual problem when reloading the weapons with some specific soldier skins.
  • M1928A1 - The weapons shadow no longer looks like it has a foregrip. 
  • Fixed an uncommon bug which made it look like soldiers used an ammo pouch to gain health back, or used a health pouch to gain ammo.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the grenade launcher on the Tromboncino to be unusable if the weapon was dropped and then picked back up. 
  • Flaregun Radius and TTL rebalance: Flares last longer in general, and vehicle flares cover larger areas. 
  • Fixed a bug that would enable the Panzerbüchse 39 to fire multiple times in a row.
  • Fixed a bug with the ricochet tracer visual effect which made it look like it was going in the opposite direction of its original trajectory.
  • Fixed an issue where healing rates could stack between self-heal pouch and medical crate (only the highest rate will now apply).
  • Increased medical crate aura regeneration rate to 16HP/s from 12HP/s as a result of healing rates no longer stacking. 
  • Improved detection of fire damage against soldiers. This will reduce situations where players can take fire damage while not being visibly close enough from the fire.
  • Increased incendiary grenade radius to 4.5m from 4m to better match the effect.
  • Increased the Incendiary grenade damage duration to 7s from 6.5s to better match the effect.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the health and ammo crates to be deployed below the ground when deployed whilst prone.


Balance Changes

We have increased the rate of fire of the Model 8 because of its inferior reload, and its magazine when compared to the RSC. 

  • Increased rate of fire from 180 to 200 and from 200 to 225 with the Trigger Job specialization.

The Suomi saw another small adjustment recoil adjustment to better position it against the M1928A1:

  • Reduced vertical recoil from 0.72 to 0.69.
  • Reduced recoil pattern slightly.

The Lewis Gun has been made a bit less accurate in sustained fire to separate it more from the Bren:

  • Increased horizontal recoil from 0.45 to 0.48.

Fixed an issue that often made all fully automatic, and burst fire weapons much less accurate and predictable than intended when burst-firing. 

  • Since the M1935 PG had been heavily affected by this, its horizontal recoil has been increased to offset the drastic increase of accuracy when bursting. 
  • Increased horizontal recoil from 0.3 to 0.375 and from 0.225 to 0.3 when using the Ported Barrel specialization on the M1935 PG.

Additional Changes:

  • Improved the visibility of aperture sights against all backgrounds.
  • Improved the MP28 front sight, it is now thinner and easier to aim with.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to slowly glide across the terrain whilst waiting to start a round. 
  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to be seen playing the swimming animations whilst on the ground. 
  • Fixed an issue where players could often be seen with low animation quality in high density areas.
  • Fixed an issue where it would sometimes be possible to collide with soldiers that are dead.
  • Soldier collision is now disabled as soon as the player dies, this means it will now be possible to move through players faster which will prevent cases where you can get blocked by a soldier you just killed.
  • Improvements to the bleed out state that should decrease the chance of players getting stuck in a bleed out state.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the soldier to clip with the camera when opening a door while switching weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause an infinite death state if a player was roadkilled right after being revived.
  • Fixed a bug that would not trigger the temporary slow down penalty after using the bayonet charge.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be able to jump whilst charging.
  • Holding down the melee button no longer blocks the sprint and jump input.
  • Improved the vaulting animation when players are using the Revolver.
  • Fixed an issue where a soldier would sometimes get blocked whilst vaulting over medium sized obstacles.
  • Players are no longer blocked from throwing health and ammo pouches while at the same time firing a weapon at full auto. The firing will now correctly pause to throw a pouch.
  • Improvements to players that die while using a parachute - the sound will no longer cutoff if the player redeploys while parachuting, and we have removed the body falling sound effect if the player is in the air.
  • Improved soldier ragdoll behavior to decrease the risk of them getting the “hanging from the hips” bug.
  • Fixed an issue where soldiers could get stuck against collision with hard-edged assets, like for example the edge of a bridge railing.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the revived players to be in T pose when the reviver cancels the revive animation.
  • Fixed an animation bug that could sometimes cause certain soldiers to be seen moving around in T pose.
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow medics to endlessly throw medical pouches at each other.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to deploy the bipod on shallow water.
  • Improved activation consistency of the sliding functionality.
  • Added support to choose between press or double-tap to activate sliding (default is double-tap).
  • Increased Sliding cooldown to 2s from 1.5s.
  • Fixed an issue where soldiers teleport to an old position when exiting a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where a soldier could vault through ceilings above stairs on Operation Underground.
  • Players in shallow water can be revived now.
  • Players can no longer get revived while in mid-air, which would cause players to end up under the terrain in some rare cases.


  • JU-88 bottom gunner now properly shows hitmarkers when doing damage.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause players to spawn into the world without a plane, after they had selected a plane from the deploy screen to spawn into.
  • Fixed a graphical bug that could occur if players sat in the top gunner seat in the Sturmgeschutz IV tank while firing it.
  • The Churchill MK VII top gunner turret no longer looks broken if the player uses the cover function from certain directions.
  • Improved the animation from third person when a player switches seats in an airplane.
  • Mounted and Coaxial Machine Guns have had a significant redesign. These weapons how have a converging accuracy model, with an initial period of inaccuracy that improves with shooting until the weapon is fully accurate. The accuracy potential of all these machine guns is higher now than it was previously, but only after firing a few rounds. Overheat has also been adjusted to balance with this new technique, allowing for more forgiving instances of overheat, especially when firing in long, suppressive bursts. Additionally, the velocity of rounds fired from the machine guns have been increased, making hitting targets of opportunity and moving targets easier, however the damage of these weapons has been reduced at long range, to prevent overly effective instances of sniping with the MG. You should now find MGs easier to use and hit targets once they are zeroed in, but targets at long range will have more time to react before they are killed outright. 
  • Reduced the rate of fire for bomb loads of 4 or more. The high rate of fire of these bomb loads allowed a player to drop all their bombs effectively in one area, negating accuracy and making the choice between different bomb types poor. In general, there is a longer delay between bomb drops but bombs generally have more effective blast radius, especially against infantry.
  • Increased the default turret speeds and adjusted the acceleration and deceleration curves to be more responsive.
  • Reduced the impact of disabled turrets on the speed of the turret.
  • Improved the accuracy of the bomb sight in both First and Third person cameras. The biggest improvement is in the First Person View. 
  • Holding the fire button while dropping multiple bombs will now update the target position for each bomb dropped.
  • Refactored Ammo Counts for vehicles with unlimited magazines so they show the ammo count instead of the total ammo. This fixes stationary AT guns showing 0 ammo when they actually have unlimited ammo.
  • Reduced the overheat and adjusted the explosive damage of the AA for consistent hit damage against bombers and fighters. Players should now get consistent damage against all aircraft types, and AA can now destroy an aircraft flying directly at the AA without overheating. Aircraft will need to be crafty and dodge and evade the more stationary AA, rather than simply absorbing the damage as they could do previously.
  • Increased shockwave time so that planes have a larger chance to escape the shockwave of low dropped bombs.
  • Fixed an exploit that would cause the Bleinheim passenger guns to not overheat.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Mosquito 6PDR guns reload.
  • Improved the Kubelwagens steering animation and touched up the handling.

Maps and Modes

  • Arras - Squad Conquest - Ammo crate near capture point A is no longer rotated backwards.
  • Arras - Breakthrough - Fixed some spawn points that were placed out of the combat area.
  • Al-Sundan - The teams no longer have swapped reinforcement vehicles.
  • Al-Sundan - Windows on certain buildings are now vaultable.
  • Al-Sundan -Fixed many issues that would allow players to look through the geometry of certain rocks or even clip into them.
  • Al-Sundan - Breakthrough - Fixed an issue that would cause issues with spawning reinforcement vehicles in sectors 3 and 4.
  • Al-Sundan - Added collision to the crates located at Capture point C.
  • Devastation - Players can no longer get stuck near the bookcase at Flag C by falling behind it from above.
  • Devastation - More fixes for an issue that in some cases enables players to see through the geometry when certain walls have been destroyed near the altar area.
  • Devastation - Fixed the Health resupply station near Flag E which was missing it’s interaction prompt.
  • Fjell 652 - Squad Conquest - Fixed an exploit that would allow players to get on top of a mountain.
  • Hamada - Removed an AA that was placed under the ground which would cause a phenomenon on the deploy screen which made it look like a turret icon floating across the map. The same issue was also fixed on Rotterdam.
  • Hamada - Improved the terrain on the side of the cliffs close to Flag F that could look a bit corrupt while flying in an airplane.
  • Marita - Fixed an exploit that would allow players to get on top of the mountain at the edge of the map.
  • Marita - Fixed an issue with the mountain wall near the bridge which players could get into.
  • Marita - Conquest - Improved the spawn points which in some cases would cause players to spawn too far away from the flags.
  • Marita - Certain tree branches no longer stop bullets.
  • Narvik - Breakthrough - Fixes for Vehicle Reinforcement Spawns that were out of the combat area.
  • Narvik - Fixed an issue with a backdrop artillery effect which would look like a streak of fire moving quickly across the entire map.
  • Narvik - Breakthrough - Fixed the floating resupply station in the last sector.
  • Panzerstorm - Fixed some issues with tank spawns being blocked which would result in “The deploy point you selected is no longer available”.
  • Provence - The window on the church is now vaultable.
  • Provence - Players can no longer get stuck between the two window shutters near Capture point B.
  • Rotterdam - Fixed an issue that made it not possible to call in the Squad reinforcement tank.
  • Rotterdam - Players can no longer get stuck between the supply stations near “Boompjes”.
  • Rotterdam - Added out of combat area on top of buildings that were being exploited.
  • Operation Underground - Performance optimizations to improve the overall framerate.
  • Operation Underground - Fixed flickering texture issue in a corner of a room near B flag on Conquest.
  • Operation Underground - Players will no longer be able to fire smoke grenades right through solid walls of some buildings.
  • Operation Underground - Fixed a bug that would cause players to get under certain metal shelves and then not being able to get out.
  • Operation Underground - Fixed a small bump in the terrain near a specific tunnel, which could cause players to not properly peak out from it’s corner.
  • Operation Underground - Fixed a bug related to destroying lights in the ceiling, but the destroyed lamp would still emit light.
  • Operation Underground - Fixed an issue that would cause the V1 / JB-2 sound to get stuck and not stop playing.
  • Operation Underground - Players will no longer drown in shallow water when the Subway gets flooded.
  • Operation Underground - Player destroying the wooden train wagon with explosives will no longer result in floating planks.
  • Operation Underground - Improved the pile of rubble that overlooks the C point, players will no longer be able to clip through it and hide in it.
  • Operation Underground - Fixed the odd black texture on the ground near the “Trinkhalle” at Capture point C.
  • Operation Underground - Fixed some floating objects that would linger after a wall was destroyed.
  • Operation Underground - Removed a fire effect that was incorrectly placed on the ceiling in the subway.
  • Operation Underground - Removed some invisible fires close to the C flag that would suddenly light players on fire when proning.
  • Operation Underground - Tweaked ambient fires in the rubble to cause damage to players in a more predictable way based upon the fires radius.
  • Operation Underground - Improved smoke from atmospheric fires to not clip through the wall and emerge on the floor above.
  • Operation Underground - The Sandbag fortification near C can now be built from both sides.
  • Operation Underground - Brightened up dark areas of ticket hall and changed exposure settings so that players can look outside, while inside the ticket hall. 
  • Operation Underground - Fixed issues that would enable players to get outside of the intended playable area.
  • Operation Underground - Fixed the terrain close to the entry of the Subway stations that allowed players to look into the void outside of the map.
  • Operation Underground - Fixed an issue with the background airplanes that in some cases could fly too close to the deploy camera.
  • Operation Underground - Players can no longer get stuck in the rubble close to a building near the edge of the map by Capture point A..
  • Breakthrough Mode - Announcer voice over now announces when an objective has been captured.
  • Combined Arms - Bridgehead Mission - The enemies are no longer inside the extraction zone while the players are getting ready.
  • Combined Arms - Improved the AI aiming while they are using a vehicles weapon or stationary turrets.
  • Grand Operations - The announcer voice no longer overlaps two voice overs when the end of round transition occurs.
  • Fixed an issue that would in some rare cases cause blocky looking trees in the main playable area.

Spectator Mode

  • Improved behavior of airplanes to not make it so that they don’t stutter while being spectated in third person mode.
  • Spectating a player that is out of bounds no longer causes the OOB overlay to stick for the spectator.
  • Added an "Enable character lighting" toggle to the post process tab that allows Spectators to disable the character visibility filters to help give player models a more cinematic look.
  • Changed the depth of field focus, near and far distance sliders in the camera tab to allow for smaller adjustments. Larger adjustments can be made by holding the button down for more than a second (these smaller depth of field adjustments are not currently available in 3rd person director mode).
  • Fixed an instance of crashing that would occur in some cases when using Spectator Mode on Operation Underground.

General Audio Improvements

  • Tweaked the stereo output configuration to deliver a more balanced and readable downmix from the native surround mix, with increased low frequency response and improved clarity for sounds behind and outside of the player’s visual perspective.
  • Tweaks to how vehicle, explosion and weapon audio attenuates over distance with the aim of delivering higher consistency and a tighter, clearer mix.
  • Increased directionality in close to mid-range weapon audio.
  • Normalized distance delay on loud sounds like weapons and explosions, with more physically believable behavior. In most cases this equates to a shorter delay.
  • Tweaked the content of close, super-sonic bullet-pass bys for assault rifles to be clearer and consistent when compared with other weapon types.
  • Tweaked the processing of first person weapon audio to deliver a more ‘snappy’ (stronger initial transient) and ‘punchy’ (pre compression of the weapon audio prior to the master output) sound.
  • Fixed cases where the final mix was corrupted or distorted, due to performance fluctuations.
  • Smoothed the transitions from gameplay to deploy screen, and vice versa.
  • Third Person Movement (Footsteps) improvements, including;
    • Rebuilt and streamlined the logic and mixing behaviors from the ground up for improved stability, consistency and readability.
    • Third person footsteps are, on average, louder.
    • Reduced the volume difference between slow, regular and sprinting speeds.
    • Reduced the volume difference between material types.
    • Reduced the effect that obstruction had on footstep volume.
    • Increased the mix difference between friendly and enemy footsteps in terms of volume, sense of weight and distance drop-off.
    • Enemies footsteps now have a higher priority in the mix and are now able to reduce other lower or distant sounds, in order to cut through the general combat soundscape more often.
    • Fixed instances of missing triggers for various movement based sounds. ‘Stutter stepping’ will more consistently cause triggers.
    • All non-footstep movement sounds such as vaulting, climbing, wall impacts, jumping, stance changes, crawling, equipment and weapon add movement are not down-prioritized for performance reasons anymore and play as a consistent package together with the footsteps now.


UI & Others

  • Updated "FX AMOUNT" Video option to "HIGH FIDELITY OBJECTS AMOUNT" as this was previously very misleading. The option's description has also been updated to better represent the impact of this setting.
  • Friendly revivers (medics or squad members) no longer disappear from the nearby revivers list if they are already reviving someone.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with seeing spotted vehicles, stationeries and gadget.
  • Fixed a bug that caused spotted soldiers seen from airplanes to not show a spotted icon.
  • Assignments - Fixed an issue with the written requirement of the Madsen Mastery II assignment.
  • Assignments - Fixed the text for the Selbstlader 1906 Mastery Assignment I which was incorrect.
  • Players will no longer get kicked out of the customization screen when the pre-round ends and the round starts.
  • Company - The Sturmjäger headgear now renders properly in “My Company” 
  • End of Round - Added the missing Panzerbüchse 39 icon.
  • Special Assignments are now ordered in the same way as previously.
  • Improved the fetching of end of round reports, decreasing the chance of getting the “Could not fetch your report” error.
  • Fixed an issue related to some LS/26 and P08 Pistol Carbine assignments where some players would experience that they were not possible to complete.
  • Fixed an issue in the backend where the Ace Squad stat was not tracking properly.
  • M1A1 Carbine is now written in capital letters in the English version of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where all the players on the scoreboard would show as Rank 0 during Pre-Round.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the camera to point at the wrong location for the real time background in the main menu screens making it appear as if the graphics were corrupted for a few seconds.
  • The hint system will no longer prompt players to use self-heal while they are in a vehicle.
  • Greetings to Tomoya_Marble, Thank you for all your help!
  • Fixed an issue with text overlapping if players open the specialization menu and then went into the server information menu.
  • Players no longer disappear from the EOR best squad screen if the player disconnects when this screen gets initiated.
  • Fixed several visual issues on the end of round screen not showing the assignment rewards properly for the Breda M1935 PG.
  • Melee weapons are now correctly sorted by rarity on the Replace Melee screen.
  • Server Browser - Fixed a bug that would not display any servers if players has selected a map and then pressed toggle all twice.
  • On the deploy screen the vehicle icons now focus on vehicles that have not been used, instead of equally focusing on not used vehicles, and previously used vehicles which could cause vehicle icons to overlap Combined Arms - The best squad end of round screen has been added back in this mode if the mission is a success.
  • The Combat Roles can once again be changed in the menu while already playing on a server.
  • When changing the FOV in video options, the horizontal FOV will now update in real time when moving the FOV slider.
  • Repair icons no longer show over a long distance after the player has initiated a repair, and then stopped and moved away from the object that needs a repair.
  • The airplanes weapons inventory is now shown after deploying into an airplane, without the player having to use or switch between weapons.
  • Improved the killcam which previously would sometimes not show the killer.
  • Fixed a bug that would make the bayonet icon show if a player got revived, without having the bayonet equipped on their weapon.
  • Order of Trasimene medal is now tracking progression with the correct criteria.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause players to be unable to rejoin a server, if they had gotten idle kicked from it.
  • Player count and flag icons have been removed during TDM while in pre-round.
  • If a Squad member gets promoted to Squad Leader all of the players in the Squad now get a notification of the promotion.
  • The Madsen MG no longer has a bullet sticking out of its stock in the armory.
  • Fixed a bug that showed health or resupply world icons when the player is in a man down, dead or in the parrot camera state.
  • Did you know that there is a Swedish dish called “Flying Jacob” that was invented in 1976 which consists of Chicken, Cream, Chili Sauce, Bananas, Roasted Peanuts and Bacon. It’s good, try it.
  • The Karabin 1938M Mastery IV assignment has been fixed.
  • Added the missing Madsen MG dogtags.
  • The Fire Axe is now centered in the “Your Company” screen when viewed.

Fortification improvements:

  • Building speed significantly increased.
  • We fixed a bug that made it impossible to rebuild fortifications destroyed by collapsing buildings.
  • Already built fortifications no longer block building of unbuilt fortifications. For example, lying prone on a dirt mound cover fortification and then fail to build the sandbag wall on top of it.
  • You are no longer able to build objects through walls and other static objects.
  • The fortification UI in the middle of the screen will no longer show at very long distances, it will now only show when you are actually in range to build.
  • Fixed an issue that now allows unbuilt fortifications to be visible again on the mini-map.
  • Improvements to the Fortification system which reduces the possibility of building fortifications that are out of sight or behind a wall.

PC Specific Improvements

  • Combined Arms - The in-game chat now works in this mode.
  • Fixed an issue that would make screenshots taken with the console command  screenshot.render 1 look over-saturated with HDR enabled.
  • Players can also enable the new in-game weapon inspect feature directly by pressing the "I" button (can also be changed in key bindings).
  • Decoupled sliding from the crouch key bindings, sliding is now its own action that can be assigned to any key (X by default on PC).

Xbox One-Specific Improvements

  • Improve state handling for gamepads that suddenly get disconnected.
  • Improved handling for connecting to EA Online when starting the game.

PlayStation 4-Specific Improvements

  • Re-added the swipe control functionality for the Dualshock 4 controller.
  • Underground - Fixed a LOD issue that was apparent on Subway building when looking at it from the C flag on Conquest.
  • Underground - Fixed an issue with certain sights reflecting a large amount of light in certain areas on the map.

What’s being worked on for the rest of Chapter 5?

  • New Map: Wake Island.
  • Community Games (previously known as Private Games).
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