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Update zur Halo: The Master Chief Collection veröffentlicht

Changelog inside ...

XBOX One // Dienstag, 11. Juni 2019 um 22:32 von needcoffee

Microsoft und Entwicklerstudio 343 Industries haben jetzt für das Xbox One/PC-exklusive Game Halo: The Master Chief Collection ein neues Update veröffentlicht. Das Update umfasst etliche Bugfixes und Anpassungen und ist ab sofort verfügbar.

Der vollständige Changelog sieht wie gefolgt aus:

Good Morning Friends,We hope your E3 week is going well and the news you’ve been waiting to hear has come to you! As you can imagine, it’s been a busy one for us, but we still made some room to drop a new update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

This update comes with many new additions, community requested bug fixes, and quality of life improvements to many games within the collection. Additional leg work for future playlist updates and some behind the scenes tools have also been included for us to better shape our updates and playlist changes on the fly. So, let’s dig into the full patch notes below.

Patch Notes

Halo: CE

- Removed auto-aim and red reticule on Rocket Launcher to align with legacy.
- Fixed an issue where a user could auto-kick themselves after being betrayed by a guest profile.
- Added a toggle to disable betrayal booting in Custom Games.
- Added more granular score to win options for Slayer in Custom Games.
- Added more granular score to win options for King of the Hill in Custom Games.
- Added more granular time limit options for all game types in Custom Games.
- Fixed an issue which could result in a crash.

Halo 2

- Fixed an issue which made kill trading significantly more common than in legacy.
- Adjusted gamma values to better align with legacy.

Halo 3

- Added missing Hardcore Construct map variant in Custom Games.


- Adjusted the vehicle set in Halo: CE Big Team Battle modes.
- Globally disabled infinite sudden death in Halo 2.
- Adjusted time and score limits for Mayhem modes in Halo: CE 8v8 Action Sack.
- Enabled betrayal booting and adjusted gravity settings in H3 Speed Demons.
- Disabled friendly fire and updated descriptions in Fiesta.

Player Emblems

- Fixed an issue where the Spider secondary color did not appear.
- Fixed an issue where the Planet secondary color was cut off in the roster.
- Centered Face Mask 2.
- Centered Delta Wing.
- Centered Four Rows 1.
- Centered Sprocket.
- Centered Cowboy Hat.
- Centered and correctly scaled Champion.

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