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Halo Wars 2: Großes Update veröffentlicht


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Halo Wars 2 von The Creative Assembly, 343i und Microsoft, ist seit Februar für Xbox One und Windows 10 erhältlich. Das Strategie Spiel soll noch längere Zeit mit neuen Inhalten und Updates ausgestattet werden. Als Folge dessen wurde bereits gestern ein neuer Patch für den Titel veröffentlicht.
9,2GB müsst ihr dafür herunterladen. Welche Änderungen und Verbesserungen damit genau einhergehen, seht ihr hier.

Improved selection box to allow for easier selection of units when on the fringe of the unit
Selected unit sub-selection now more responsive when using Right Trigger and Y button to cycle through the selection
Fog of war made more readable
Now lines up more closely with logical sight ranges
The visual transition when units emerge from the fog of war is much quicker
Improvements to camera scroll speed and feel when playing with a controller – regular scroll is noticeably more responsive, and fast scroll (holding LB) gives a much larger speed boost
Changing the Scroll Speed settings in options also has a much greater effect than before, resulting in more control over how scroll speed to feels
Speed can be reduced to previous levels by adjusting the Scroll Speed setting in the Options menu
Hid player gamertag and rank in the map load screen


AI is no longer able to place rally flags in places players are not allowed to place
AI no longer knows when the player is beginning to target them with a leader power before they use it
Units won’t be aggroed by Suicide Grunts and won’t automatically move towards them to engage (they will stand their ground instead)


Supply Pad upgrade time reduced from 25 to 18s
Shield Generator stacking reduced per generator from 50% efficiency to 20%
Special abilities (Hijack, Slam, Phoenix Missile, Brute Warlord’s Hammer Shockwave, etc.) now gain the benefit from generic damage upgrades
Fixed an issue where the Hunter Captain would not be able to attack if its taunt ability was interrupted
Hunter Captain no longer receives as much healing from Combat Repair
Hunter Captain health lowered
Adjusted Locust’s behavior when targeting units in the fog of war
Upgrade 3 for Vehicle, Air, and Infantry apply the correct amount of health to appropriate units
Skitterer health from Vehicle Upgrade lowered at all levels
Skitterer can no longer become useless if the unit it is going to pair with dies before pairing is complete
Kodiaks should no longer fail to target an enemy on the other side of a cliff or hill if they have line of sight
Cutter’s Jerome Hero unit will no longer get stuck in a vehicle if upgraded while in a vehicle
Spartans no longer become unresponsive when slamming a teleport pad
Spartans no longer damage the unit they’re hijacking
Honor guard will now have more success when attempting to slay a fleeing unit
Units grouped with engineers should now be able to use their Y ability when the group is selected
Snipers can now be commanded to attack units in garrisons without being grouped with other units who could
Units will now auto attack garrisoned units as they walk past
Scorpions now have better accuracy when attacking garrisoned units
Scorpion can no longer fire two canister shots
Chopper can no longer trigger ram animation when selecting an air unit
Condors will no longer waste their Y ability when targeting air units
Decimus can now use Y ability on buildings
Hornets no longer fail to do damage after firing at a target for a prolonged time
Blisterbacks shouldn’t be deployed under the surface of the map anymore
Veteran Blisterbacks can once again be healed to full
Johnson’s heal beacon size and effect now correctly match
Johnson can no longer move to cancel his animation and fire additional smart missiles
Skitterers now correctly apply full damage from focus beam upgrade
Colony’s Living Barrier benefits from base Fortify upgrades
Shipmaster’s Grunt squad leaders are now rightfully Sangheili instead of Jiralhanae, and now can be upgraded to cloak instead of having Shrapnel Mines
Normalized damage of hijacked vehicles regardless of who made the vehicle
Kinsano’s Cyclops Hero unit selection circle should now be more visible when not hovering over it
Decimus and Warlord will no longer try to pull units that are already close to them
Warlord no longer resets his attack animation when selecting a unit to attack
ODST charges will now explode when placed on top of or next to buildings in side plots
ODSTs can no longer throw more than 1 charge at a time
ODSTs can’t attempt to throw their demo charge at air units

Leader Power:

Atriox Fortifications slightly reduced in effectiveness at level 1, and greatly reduced at level 2, and is specifically less beneficial to shield generators
Cost reduction on bases, stronghold upgrade, turrets and shield generators changed reduced to 15% per level.
Fortifications-altered cost of Fortify upgrades rounded to nearest 5.
Upgrade speed buff on stronghold upgrade and turret upgrades reduced to 15% per level.
Vehicle Symbiotes power can now target turrets
Buffed Vehicle Symbiotes to now apply correct armor and health
Scorch Mines can no longer blow each other up on deployment
Shipmaster’s Displacement can now affect Protector Sentinels
Restoration Drones can now target turrets
Scatter Bomb now more correctly aligns with its targeting reticle
Vortex Lightning now damages and debuffs units in garrisons
Garrisoned units no longer heal faster from leader powers than ungarrisoned units
Mech Overcharge and Combat Salvage can now be invoked regardless of whether the reticle is in the fog of war or not
Mass Cloaking now removes units from the minimap in Blitz mode
Reavers will no longer continue to shoot when hit with EMP Mac Blast while stunned
Vehicles stolen by Ghost in the Machine are no longer visible in the Fog of War
Ghost in the Machine can no longer permanently increase Isabel’s population cap by using it on units that are teleported
EMP Mac Blast now more correctly matches the targeting reticle


Graphical settings now defaults to ‘Low’ when using an integrated GPU
Fixed an issue with AMD Radeon R9 390 GPU that could cause some graphical corruption in campaign
Fixed an issue where the “Graphics Driver out of Date!” message could refer to an incorrect driver version in some cases
Idling in the main menu for extended time should no longer permanently disconnect the player from services for that session
Players should no longer be able to remove the command point cap earned in a mission by loading a save
Loading a save and finishing a previously completed mission should no longer add the complete mission time to time played
Fixed a desync that could happen in 3v3 Strongholds
Fixed a crash that could occur when loading saved games
Multi-GPU support is now enabled on Windows 10
Up to two GPUs are supported
This implementation of Multi GPU synchronizes data between the two GPUs. Running at 4K resolution and higher-quality graphics options may exceed the bandwidth available to synchronize the cards, which may cause in-game performance issues.
Updating to the Creators Update of Windows 10 is strongly recommended
Make sure you’re on the latest graphics driver


Fixed graphical corruption that could appear near wraiths in campaign
Nightingale’s smoke screen no longer disappears when camera moves view off of it and back
Colossus’ legs face the right way when targeting enemies now
Vulture’s yellow warning light is now attached to the craft when firing its missile
Mantis chaingun effects have been cleaned up
Decimus’ Siphon no longer leaves green effects on the units


Added some audio to the Cyclops death animation
All leaders were missing the voice over callout when the player’s base was destroyed
Fixed Chopper’s ramming audio loop
Corrected explosion of Lotus Mines to play the appropriate sound effect
Anders sentinels will no longer play Grunt audio upon death
Johnson’s EMP should no longer cause audio to stutter

Last, but not Least:

Players affected by earlier issues with loss of progress will have their progress restored, based on their halowaypoint.com Service Record
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