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Update zur PS4/PS Vita-Version von Chasm erschienen

Bugfixes, Verbesserungen und einige neue Features ...

Consoles // Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2018 um 18:49 von needcoffee

Zur PS4/PS Vita-Version von Chasm hat das Entwicklerstudio Bit Kid jetzt ein neues Update veröffentlicht. Das Update hebt das Game auf die Versionsnummer 1.035 an und ist somit auf einen Stand mit den anderen Plattform-Versionen.

Das Update umfasst folgende Bugfixes, Verbesserungen und einige neue Features und ist ab sofort verfügbar:

- moved Parachute to Backdash button to prevent accidental deploy
- moved Map to the Big Button (PS4 only), R1 now cycles spells opposite direction like other platforms

- start button now exits pause menu immediately

- improved wall jumping with more lenient timing
- added beta version of Class Modes for Thief, Mage, and Warrior (unlocked after beating game on any difficulty)

- added backstabbing with higher crit chance
- added proper level and stat caps (50 and 99 respectively)
- added some protections to prevent leveling stat increases getting too out of balance
- added ability to skip 10 entries at a time in Bestiary by pressing Up/Down
- added extra check to Titan's hammer to prevent special effect not working
- added morningstar to enemy drop

- changed transition fading to solid black
- changed file options order so Copy is before Delete and resets to top item when opening sub-menu

- removed penalty if STR < Weapon ATK for main mode
- refactored weapon attack calculation code so previews now use same method as combat

- various map fixes and tweaks
- various text improvements

- increased Shaman's Ax bleed chance
- increased familiar starting STR
- increased Great Weapons damage
- increased Mines elevator speed
- increased HP of a few minibosses and bosses
- decreased sawblade speed in dark Catacombs entrance

- fixed Easy and Nightmare game wins not registering
- fixed backdashing into triggers
- fixed game timer continuing after ending triggered
- fixed backdashing on steep slopes
- fixed wallsliding glitch on angled ceilings
- fixed unwanted wall jumping when overshooting ledge grab
- fixed normal enemies sometimes only spawning in secret areas
- fixed player not getting stat increases for each level if leveled multiple times in a single kill
- fixed sometimes not being able to select spells in Narina's spell upgrade screen
- fixed spells not showing change in ATK when previewing in EQ screen
- fixed mithril armor bringing you back to life
- fixed various rooms with too precise wall jumps
- fixed missing boss banner outside Temple bossroom
- fixed a few typos and added some missing highlighted terms
- fixed walljump test point to match wallslide
- fixed Walking Plant death flame fx position
- fixed Demon ceiling state not resetting
- fixed some enemies attacking on spawn after entering room
- fixed achievement exploit
- fixed Assassins Sword damage calculation for preview
- fixed Catacombs secret passage requiring lantern
- fixed traveler's cape formula


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