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Patch 1.0.3 zu Assassin's Creed Origins veröffentlicht


Zahlreiche Fixes, Xbox One X Support und mehr

Assassin's Creed Origins von Ubisoft ist seit etwas mehr als einer Woche erhältlich, gestern wurde bereits Patch 1.0.3 für das Action-Rollenspiel veröffentlicht. Damit werden zahlreiche Bugs behoben; es gibt Xbox One X Support, neue Möglichkeiten für den Photo-Modus und einiges mehr.
Die Patch Notes findet ihr hier.
Patch Highlight

New Photomode features:
Implemented camera roll
Implemented multiple effect types in Photo Mode including: depth of field, exposure, vignette, temperature, tint, saturation, and noise


Improved stability and performance
Improved some visuals and looting issues on incapacitated or dead NPCs
Fixed multiple loading issues when getting back to playable character after using Senu
[PC] Fixed various issues in VRAM Meter
[PC] Fixed various issues in multi-monitor mode

Graphics & Audio

[Xbox One S][Xbox One X][PS4/PS4 Pro] Added HDR TV support
[Xbox One X] Added 4K support on Xbox One X
[Xbox One] Added Dolby Atmos support
Added audio feedback on conflict warning
Added audio feedback when sheathing and unsheathing weapons with Aya
Added splashing sound when falling in water while mounted
Integrated Japanese voice overs in Military points of interest in certain languages
Fixed issue were dialogue lines could play twice
[PC] Fixed geometric explosions and artifacts after applying options without restart of the game


Improved some textures stretches and flickers
Improved world visual when riding horse at high speed
Improved multiple spawning positions for NPCs and animals
Improved level of details in different locations
Fixed multiple lighting issues
Fixed some floating objects
Fixed water visual close to ships at night
Fixed looting issue on a chest inside Cyrene Barracks


Spoiler: Hide
Added parry ability to Aya playable character
Added rumble and visual feedback to Charge Heavy Attack while mounted
Allowed player to Assassinate an enemy while in fight with another group of enemies
Allowed Kill Loot ability in bare handed combat
Improved playable character, NPCs, and animal navigation
Improved NPCs reactions
Improved smoke bomb throwing usability
Improved spawn locations when reloading checkpoint in the Cyrene region
Improved controls on mount
Balanced damages when executing an Overpower Chain Throw
Prevented sandstorm from appearing over water
Prevented performing Overpower ability on allies
Prevented playable character from changing stance during dialogue scenes
Fixed various issues with the playable character being stuck in overheat stance, in haystacks, or in the world geometry under certain circumstances
Fixed an issue preventing players from picking up arrows in some circumstances
Fixed an issue preventing players from interacting with loot bags dropped inside cages
Fixed an issue where screen would briefly turn black when entering pause menu while in Stone Circle activity
Fixed an issue where the thrown weapon could sometimes not hit the intended enemy when using the Overpower Chain Throw ability
Fixed an issue with Critical Attack ability where playable character could sometimes not reach his target
Fixed an issue with caged lions attacks not dealing any damage
Fixed an issue with Ledge Assassination on sleeping enemies
Fixed an issue with Sickle Swords, Heavy Blunt & Scepter Classes not able to transition from Charged Heavy Attack to Charged Light Attack
Fixed visual effect on Sickle Sword's Charged Light Attack
Fixed an issue where arrows could sometimes not hit a moving enemy when locked on him
Fixed some inconsistencies when using the Parry ability with Sickle Swords
Fixed weapon rotation when releasing a Charged Heavy Attack
Fixed camera movement while being locked on to an enemy
Fixed an issue where the playable character could lose health when parrying
Fixed an issue with Captains’ throwing knives not dealing damage
Fixed an issue where player could not loot animals in water while being on ground
Fixed an issue where playable character would leave shield stance upon throwing a Smoke Bomb following a Dash action
Fixed an issue where the hidden blade would lose its upgrades upon respawning
Fixed an issue preventing the predator bow to hit targets in water
Fixed multiple issues with counterweights in Adorer of Thoth Tomb


Improved various cinematic transitions
Improved level of detail during several cinematic sequences
Improved NPC behavior in the Amanai Cave during the "Water Rats" quest
Improved cinematic during "The Lizard's Mask" quest
Improved multiple spawned positions for NPCs and animals in quests
Altered Present Day to prevent Leyla from taking unwanted paths back to the Animus
Fixed issue with the interaction with NPCs the Cat and Mouse quest
Fixed out of bound issues in Present Day
Fixed an issue where enemies would enter into conflict with playable character during the walk and talk for "Old Times" quest
Fixed an issue where Jeska would run after stray hippo's during "Smoke over water" quest
Fixed an issue where cinematic would not end unless skipped during "Taste of Her Sting" quest
Fixed an issue where Gennadios could stay stuck on horse during "Gennadios the Phylakitai" quest
Fixed the cinematic trigger during the boss fight of "The Lizard's Mask" quest
Fixed an issue where assassination celebration would appear prematurely during "The Battle of the Nile" quest
Fixed an issue preventing the world from load properly during “The Final Weighing” quest
Fixed an issue where Taharqa could stop moving during "The Scarab's Lies" quest
Fixed an issue where Nikias would spawn far away from chariot after failing during "Wild Ride" quest
Fixed an issue where the playable character could remain stuck in a dialogue scene in "What's Yours Is Mine" quest
Fixed an issue where "Pompeius Magnus" quest would not appear in the "Completed" section of the Quest Log
Fixed an issue that could cause an infinite loading after completing "May Amun Walk Beside You" quest
Fixed an issue where the beggar could remain stuck while climbing a rock near Omorfi Villa in ’A Dream of Ashes’’ quest
Fixed issues with unwanted NPCs or animals appearing in cinematics camera shots
Fixed an issue where Meketre could not enter in combat mode during "The Hungry River" quest
Fixed an issue sometime preventing the interaction with Hotephres in ‘’Shadya’s Rest’’ quest
Fixed an issue where playable character would light himself on fire when lighting some torches
Fixed an issue that could prevent the final part of "Aya" quest from starting
Fixed an issue that could prevent Nikias from mounting chariot during "Wild Ride" quest
Fixed an issue that could prevent Bayek from interacting with chests while holding his gear during "The Scarab’s Lies" quest
Fixed an issue that could cause the hay bundles to fall out of world during "Abuse of Power" quest
Fixed an issue where Bayek could be killed during a black screen transition when completing ‘’The Scarab’s lies’’ quest
Fixed various issues preventing objectives from updating in various quests


Increased Rewards in Hippodrome and Arena
Fixed an issue where the recover prompt would disappear too fast in Hippodrome
Fixed an issue with the Leaderboard not updating properly in the Arena or Hippodrome
Fixed an issue that could prevent the player from progressing after the Duelist I encounter in the Arena
Fixed the Arena’s entry gate that could remain open


Implemented camera roll
Implement multiple effect types (depth of field, exposure, vignette, temperature, tint, saturation, noise)
Improved visual grid to follow ‘Rule of Thirds’ principle
[PC] Improved M&K controls
Disabled Photo Mode when in Stone Circles
Disabled critical messages when in Photo Mode
Disabled filter selection during composition mode
Fixed issue where placing a waypoint on a photo thumbnail would display an infinite loading symbol

User Interface
Added back button icon to locked menu pages
Added category filters in the Gear page of the Store
Added a completed activity panel to some activity locations
Added indication of the currently equipped gear in the shop upgrade menu
Added a hold gauge to ‘Follow Road’ input representation
Improved the loot icon when purchasing a Heka Chest
Updated the Tame Animal ability description in the Ability Tree menu
Reduced text size in Arena wave display to prevent display issues in some languages
Corrected the number of Completed Quests visible in its section of the Quest Log menu
Fixed some critical message from appearing even if HUD is set to minimal
Fixed health bar display when aiming at Ptolemaic Champions
Fixed missing Quest Icon in Daily Quest
Fixed issue preventing research folders from opening in Present Day menu
Fixed material icons display when deploying Senu
Fixed an issue where the combat feedback could remain visible after combat ended
Fixed an issue where the "God Slayer" Ubisoft Club Action and Badge were not unlocked upon meeting the proper requirements
Fixed an issue where world map would be desaturated if opened inside a tomb
Fixed inconsistencies in crafted gear preview stats when item was already fully upgraded
Fixed refresh issue where the Ancient Maps Pack remains present in the Store after purchasing any other Map
Fixed last row of the Trinkets menu not being displayed correctly in inventory page of the menu
Fixed several issues with suggested level for quests in the menu
Fixed ellipsis glyph in Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese fonts
Fixed various visual and functionality, menu issues
[PC] Added Very Low value for Clutter Graphics option
[PC] Added tooltip images for all Graphics options
[PC] Added Lock Sensitivity option
[PC] Improved M&K controls in Eagle Mode and Stone Circles
[PC] Improved warning feedback on key mapping repetition
[PC] Removed the option to control quality level of Global Illumination
[PC] Hid the playable character from the Performance Tool page
[PC] Fixed overlapping button icons in the Block and Aim tutorial text when dual keys are assigned to these action
[PC] Fixed the Tobii Eye Auto Pause function when Auto Pause Delay is set to 5/5
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