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Nioh: Patch 1.09 veröffentlicht

Ganze 51MB groß

Playstation 4 // Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017 um 20:34 von miperco

Seit Anfang Februar ist Nioh von Koei Tecmo und Team Ninja verfügbar. Die Entwickler arbeiten stetig an Erweiterungen und Verbesserungen. Heute wurde diesbezüglich Patch 1.09 für das PlayStation 4 Spiel veröffentlicht. Es ist 51MB groß und bringt folgende Änderungen mit sich.

Adjustments and Improvements

Implemented countermeasures for unfair/questionable actions during PvP and clan battles.
Lowered the probability of getting the special effect “Damage Toward [Enemy Type]”
Added the ability to skip the animation when obtaining prestige.
Changed the “Naked Brawler” combat title so it can now be obtained when wearing accessories.
Added additional details on how to acquire certain combat titles.
Adjusted the positions for the kappa in the mission “The One-Eyed Dragon’s Castle”
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where skills would occasionally not be properly set after changing equipment sets.
Fixed a bug where saving and reloading during the mission “Yokai Country” would sometimes disable the boss door from opening.
Fixed an application error that would sometimes occur in the mission “The Samurai From Sawayama” when the boss fight began during an online multiplayer session.
Fixed a bug where visitors would be teleported to an unintended location when the host would pray at the shrine in the cave in the mission “The Demon’s Daughter”
Fixed a rare application error that occurred when praying at a shrine in the mission “Yokai Country”
Fixed a bug where the difficulty would not be reflected properly when searching for a Companion for the Yokai Realm.
Fixed a bug where you could select missions in “Yokai Realm with a Companion” that were otherwise unavailable to you.
Fixed a bug in version 1.06 missions that prevented you from getting “XX Crusher” titles after dying until you left the mission.
Fixed a bug where the amount of gold received as a reward was lower than expected for some missions in “Way of the Demon”
Fixed a bug where an exclamation mark would display over the number of consumable items if you returned to the starting point after a PvP battle.
Fixed a bug where the number of skill items you had after a PvP battle would be the same when you went to the area screen.
Reduced the likelihood of suddenly teleporting during a PvP battle, regardless of network environment.
Fixed a bug that allowed you to use certain means to carry more items than allowed in PvP battles.
Fixed a bug in PvP battles where your health gauge would display again after your health reached 0.
Fixed a bug where the “Burn” and “Paralysis” effects would not disappear during online multiplayer.
Fixed a bug that would occasionally reduce the amount of Amrita received when the special effect “Amrita Gauge Bonus in Battles (Vs. High-Rank Opponent)” was active.
Fixed a bug where Date Masamune would occasionally behave unnaturally when guarding an attack.
Fixed a bug during the Katakkura Shigenaga fight where the surrounding cover fire would sometimes not trigger.
Fixed a bug where the player would sometimes take damage if in physical contact with the Ogress right when she is defeated.
Fixed a bug when fighting Shima Sakon where he would sometimes become still for several seconds.
Fixed a bug where Hozoin Inei would not become paralyzed.


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