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Gameboy Evolution: Ein GC im Handheldformat!?

IGN spekuliert über den neuen Gameboy.

Nintendo // Freitag, 21. Januar 2005 um 20:38 von Becks

Laut Ign.com könnte der neue Gameboy bzw. Gameboy Evolution (wie er im Artikel genannt wird) eine portable Version des Nintendo Gamecube sein. Somit würden schon zum Start zahlreiche Hits verfügbar sein.

"ign.com schrieb:

Matt responds: Don't let my rants fool you. I'm not down on the DS. I'm just waiting to see its true potential realized. As for the next Game Boy, which I'll call Game Boy Evolution since this seems to be the popular title for it, I'm extremely optimistic.

Actually, based on things I've heard, the paths of the DS and GBE have intersected already. Sources claim that the idea for the next Game Boy took flight right about the same time GameCube launched. The device was merely supposed to be a portable GameCube. Nintendo was hoping to create a synergy between the two platforms. However, for whatever reason -- probably an inability to miniaturize the GameCube at a consumer-friendly price -- the Game Boy successor was abandoned. Instead, Nintendo opted to use an old piece of tech: a hardware dubbed Nitro that was originally developed to be an update to the Game Boy line during the PS1 era. At former NCL president Hiroshi Yamauchi's suggestion, the tech was enhanced with a second screen and later a touch-sensitive interface. Thus, the DS was born.

What's interesting is that work on Game Boy Evolution is allegedly further along than most of us would probably guess. And more intriguing still, sources claim that Nintendo is once again trying to make the machine a portable GameCube.

If that comes to fruition, I will likely be singing the praises of Game Boy Evolution from the very start. It would be an amazing accomplishment. The machine would have a potential library of 500 games from launch. Imagine being able to play Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4, Wave Race, and Pikmin on the go. It's a Nintendo fan's dream come true.

Natürlich ist das reine Spekulation. Die Idee wäre aber gut.

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