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Final Fantasy XV: Offizielle Änderungen des Crown Updates

a.k.a. Day One Patch

Consoles // Mittwoch, 23. November 2016 um 09:17 von miperco

Wir berichteten bereits am Montag über das Crown Update (den Day One Patch) zu Final Fantasy XV. Via Pressemitteilung gab Square Enix erste Details zum mehr als 7GB großen Update bekannt. Heute wurde der japanische Change-Log veröffentlicht, DualShockers hat diesen mittlerweile auf englisch übersetzt.


Implemented actions inspired by the “Omen” trailer by Digic Pictures in the game
Warp Drop Kick (When daggers are equipped).
Backward Warp magic (Elemental magic activation at short rnge).
Here are some example of Wait Mode exclusive abilities implemented to improve the experience with Wait Mode.
Libra Speed Increase – You’ll be able to receive information via Libra quickly.
Wait Gauge Recovery – Wait Gauge recovers when defeating the enemy.
Surprise Attack Warp Break – When warp-striking to an enemy that isn’t targeting you, it’s easy to destroy the targeted part.
Final Blow Shoft Break – When warp-striking to an enemy that has less than half its HP, the damage multiplier increases.
Added screen effects during the battle to make it easier to understand the HP status.
When HP is lower than 25%, the whole screen is covered by a bright red filter.
When in a pinch, the whole screen is covered by a dark red filter.
The “Enemy Whistle” has been implemented. You can summon monsters, but they won’t always appear.
The movement executed at the time of an MP Burst is canceled. Trying to warp when in MP Burst will cause the move to fail.


It will be possible to warp forward in the field even outside of battles.
The item “Music player” has been implemented, allowing you to listen to your favorite songs even while walking.


A gallery has been added to the menu, and it will display the dishes cooked by Ignis and the fish caught by Noctis.


Opening the menu during auto-drive won’t stop the driving.
Added the “Regalia Shop,” that will allow you to shop while riding in the Regalia.


Added cutscenes from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and the Omen trailer, which could not fit on the disk.

Improvement of other areas

Various bug fixes.
Adjustements to improve the comfort of gameplay.
Camera adjustments in narrow spaces.
Improved menu operability.
Addition of features to enhance convenience.
Adjustments to improve the main scenario experience.
Made changes to towns to fit the scenario.
Made changes to the open world to fit the scenario.
Enhancement of content.
Adjusted side-quest balance, added dish types, added fish types and fishing spots.
Improvement of the Leviathan boss battle.
Brushed up the encounter against Leviathan and further improved the battle experience.

Final Fantasy XV erscheint am 29. November für PlayStation 4 und Xbox One.


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