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Erste Bilder zu 'Orb'

Impressionen aus dem Wii-Action Adventure

Nintendo Wii // Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2006 um 11:07 von twix

Die Crossbeam Studios haben erste Bilder einer sehr frühen Version von 'Orb' veröffentlicht. Das Action-Adventure läuft noch auf einem PC, viele Effekte fehlen.
Bis zum Release 2007 sollen folgende Features integriert werden:


Planned Features:
~A vast world to explore, make discoveries, form alliances, uncover the secrets hidden deep in the past.
~A storyline featuring over a dozen main characters with over a hundred supporting roles.
~Innovative 'non-elemental' magic system incorporated into the very fabric of the game world.
~Customizeable weapon system with hundreds of possible combinations.

In ages past, the great army of the Kulon raged a terrible war with the people of this great land of Delphire. They came from shadow, and destroyed everything in their path. Men, women, children, all dead in their wake. That was all long ago... however, the ancient army of the Kulon have risen again from the mists of time, and one of their fiercest warriors has just crowned himself ruler and has started a battle for all out control over the people of this ravaged land.
His evil plot calls for the abduction of one of the world's Imanti, the so called 'guardians of the faith' to the people of Delphire. However, the guardian they abduct on one night has three students, and they will not let him go so easily.

So begins a quest through the land of Delphire, through ancient ruins and thriving towns, through the frozen wastes and the tropical beaches, even through time itself. As you quest, you'll find out that your teacher is just the beginning, that much more hangs in the balance than anyone suspects. Things are happening here that nobody understands, and the greatest discovery of this land, has yet to be made.

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